Why APC will be my second choice in Kwara politics


By Sabitu Oyegoke

Is always disheartening that the opposition in Kwara is divided either by the moles in their midst or by the greed that brought them together. There is no other state in Nigeria that is unlucky as Kwara. The ruling party is full of mess and the opposition is of bigger mess, making it a difficult choice for most of us.

One thing that unite Kwarans is the need for development, not development on paper or developments that are superficial that do not make investment sense or designed to siphon our collective wealth. A typical example of senseless investment is Tshonga farm where Zimbabweans farmers invested nothing to own 40% stake of the investment. A farm which we still don’t know if it is a public quoted or private unquoted company. Where the finances are not known to the Kwarans who are the investors… all what we know about its finances are in percentages, not in actual naira and kobo. A business or company owned by Kwarans without any publications in public domain about the company performance. No publication on the AGM meeting or any publicly available information on the farm’s finances. Something is not right in the venture and I hope those that will have opportunity to meet with Fatai Ahmed on town hall meetings should strongly raise these questions. The issue of bridge to nowhere in post-office remains critical in the minds of most of us; a project designed to siphon our money. It adds no value whatsoever, in terms of aesthetic, functionality and the rumoured project cost was too high . In light of transparency such cost should be made open and available to the public because this is not private money but OUR collective money.

Someone said to me in confidence that Fatai Ahmed’s administration did wonderfully well on health. To put the comment into perspective… there are equipment in some hospital according to my source. We thank him and indeed grateful for that. The next stage for his administration is to design a sensible programme that will make the facilities accessible by all the Kwarans. We have not seen any movement in that direction.

Education in Kwara is neglected to zero level and without proper education what is the future of the youths? I read yesterday where Gbemi Saraki (a mole in PDP) rightly accusing the government of substandard education with one of the highest fees in the country. I visited Kwara poly (IOT) this year and no reasonable government will allow it to degenerate to that level of disrepair. Primary and secondary schools are lacking in physical infrastructure, laboratories, libraries and most unfortunately TEACHERS. With what conscience will I campaign for that government for 4th term? Remember it said by the present government to be an extension of Bukola Saraki’s tenure.

Transparency is one of their weaknesses and lack of it indicates the possibility of shady dealings. Apart from that, lack of competition is another factor that should relegate APC to second choice in Kwara. We want new faces, need new ideas, new inventions, new projects, new programmes, new line of thinking and approach to problem solving. How I wish Fatai Ahmed has transformed our schools, economy and hospital like Rauf Aregbesola of Osun state so that people like me can support him unequivocally. But instead for them to pursue people oriented programmes they are busy lining their pockets with our collective wealth.

Dynasty is cancerous and enough of Saraki dynasty!!! Is only in Nigeria you reward failure; these are the people (including your present governor Fatai Ahmed) that were unable to run a bank successful but rewarded with a higher responsibility to run a whole State. What else do they want to offer after many years? I will for the umpteenth time ask you to work collectively towards electing sound people in Kwara State. Enough is enough!

The injustice in Kwara State has to stop and we can only achieve that through our collective effort of bringing true democracy to Kwara State. Our state of public education is appalling, infrastructure does not exist, our economy is dwelling and people are moving from poverty to abject poverty. Monies that belong to the state are been stolen in front our eyes by a small cliques; change is necessary and inevitable.

Let us forget about political parties and ideologies for now let us all work together to liberate the state from the claws of a single family (Saraki) and cronies who has been in control of our destiny for too long. Let us forget the imaginary divisions they have created among us to bolster their greed. Injustice is injustice; it has no affiliation to any religion, any town or any community. They (Sarakis) have ruled directly without any meaningful contribution to the society and they are now ruling through proxy – enough is enough!

One thought on “Why APC will be my second choice in Kwara politics”

  1. Well said.The challenge is obvious, we need to send away the present govt in kwara.However,there is no vibrant opposition.None of those in PDP have a strong,well spread political reach across the length &breadth of the state

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