BUHARI MUST INTERVENE: Senseless killing through unsecured containers

I just don’t know how careless we are as people especially with life …and how unconcerned we are with other people’s welfare. MONEY and making more of it is more important to doing things correctly. There is no law or order, no codes of conduct and nobody is taking responsibility. Life is valueless in naija ..and I am very angry for this senseless killings. It can be anybody and it’s not a new thing. It is no more news that containers on trailers are killing easily because they are not well secured.

Many years ago I saw one in Ojota car park, a young man in jeep killed because the container was not secured. It took hours before it was lifted and his lifeless body was dangling in the jeep almost flat to the ground. I was on my way to Ilorin and throughout the trip I was thinking what of if it was me ..because we passed through the area on our way to see a friend. It can be anybody ..anybody, death is so cheap in naija.

The reason why I am boiling is because this is not new and it is the responsibility of the government and its agencies to make sure that proper law are in place to prevent future occurrence and the offenders are punished. That is how a society functions ..laws to improve on lapses in the system. I have observed in one of my trips (i wrote about it) the types of trailers in naija. Naija is a big junk yard for all the used trailers around the world. Is more than ‘leku leja’ is everything goes, which I think is part of the problem.

The people that supposed to enforce the law or compliance with it should do their job properly or get punished for allowing unfit/unsecured containers to kill at will on our roads. If there is no agency responsible for inspecting the trailers at our ports the responsibility should be given to one of them and held responsible for failure/accident. At least where the trailer is coming from can easily be traced and the officer on duty will be held responsible.

People who are responsible in killing and spreading death will go free after bribring the police ..and the family of the victim will take it as an act of God. Are we worthless people or why is our life is so cheap. God knows which family will cry tonight for senseless killing of innocent people..government MUST do something to stop this killing. Enough is enough!

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